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Dispute Boards (DB)

PMG provides result-oriented Dispute Board services.

PMG partners have gained broad experience as DB Members and as chairs of Dispute Boards in countries such as China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iceland, Italy, Lesotho, Luxemburg, Portugal, Qatar, Mali, Mozambique, Lebanon and Botswana.


  • Effective assistance in resolution of disputes throughout the performance of the contract

  • Professional and specialized services to analize and set-up determination or decision in case of dispute

  • Provision of wide and reliable expertiseduring DB assesments and deliberations

  • Drafting clauses, agreements and proceedures

  • Representation as DB Member or DB Chairman


  • Increased probability of rapid and amicable settlements by dealing with disagreements as they occur

  • Eases overall relationship between Parties (“scarecrow effect”) through continuous presence

  • 95% success rate in resolution of disputes during the contract

  • Positive impact of DB Recommendation or Decision in view of reaching a final settlement agreement

Selected Assignments

  • Chairman of the Dispute Adjudication Board / DAB: Hydroelectric plant, Dam and Lake Project, FIDIC contract, Lebanon.

  • Member of a Dispute Adjudication Board / DAB: Road construction and bridges, FIDIC contract, Mozambique

  • Member of Dispute Board: Cabel stay Bridge and construction, , Botswana

  • Member of Dispute Adjudication Board 7 DAB: Panama Canal, Panama

Tel: +41 21 695 24 40
Fax: +41 21 695 24 44​


25, Rue du Centre 
1025 St-Sulpice / Lausanne 

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