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Contract and Claims Management

In construction or industrial contracts, energy is notoriously channeled to technical, financial and political issues as well as internal and external communication. However, PMG strongly recommends foreseeing sufficient resources for effective contract manageent and potential claims management.

Contract Management

  • Drafting of contract conditions, ADR or DB clauses

  • Analysing tender documents, design, the site, soil investigations

  • Selecting appropriate construction methods and equipments

  • Assessment of risks

  • Assistance on taking over proceedures and commisioning

Claims Management

  • Claim set-up to a tribunal for any one of the parties involved 

  • Bridging technical, legal and financial jargon

  • Analysis of time schedule, distinguishing between non-culpable and culpable delays and evaluating potential or ensuing damages

  • Analysis of impact of prolongation, contract variations, recovery of disputed variations to the contract

Selected Assignments

  • Contract Management: 
    International Criminal Court, The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Claims Management: Pumping station, 190MW, Algeria / Spain

  • Claims Management: Motorway tunnel, FIDIC contract, Slovenia

  • Claims Management: Research and Development Center, Switzerland

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