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Amicable Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR stands for all forms of Amicable Dispute Resolution – Mediation being but one of them – to help parties reach a settlement agreement. In Mediation, a relevant individual known as the “Neutral” conducts the procedure based on consensus and trust. The MEDALOA procedure (Mediation and Last Offer Arbitration) is an additional proven technique.


  • Identification of appropriate ADR techniques

  • Drafting of contractual ADR clauses

  • Representation as Mediator, Facilitator, Neutral

  • Consistent operation in entire ADR procedure


  • Ensure conduct is confidential, impartial and ethical

  • Non disruptive to the business relationship

  • Result-oriented and cost-effective

  • Work from common perspectives and goals

  • Promote win/win paradigm

Selected Assignments

  • Mediator: Underground Commercial Center, Switzerland


  • Mediator: Crane bridge, Russia

  • Mediator: Floating Dyke, Monaco

  • Mediator: Dam, Tunnel and Power Plant, Indonesia.

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