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Expertise and Appraisal

PMG has an established reputation for expert determinations, known as “Schiedsgutachten” in Switzerland. We provide advice and expert opinions to help optimize contract performance, to understand complicated issues, or to protect precise interests. 


  • Experts opinion and determination on technical, contractual and financial matters

  • Feasibility studies

  • Budget, time and quality compliant solutions

  • Reliable and relevant certifiable quality expertise

  • Plant performance investigations

  • Expert network information database unique to PMG


  • Court Appointed Experts

  • Party Appointed Experts

  • Expert Determination (between two parties)

  • Technical Advocates

  • Expert Witnesses

Selected Assignments

  • Tribunal Appointed Expert: Gas Power Plant 800 MW, International Arbitral Tribunal ICC, Italy / China.


  • Party appointed Expert: Oil & Gas Industry, Security Systems, EPC Contract, International  Arbitral Tribunal ICC, Algeria / France

  • Party Appointed Expert: Arbitration Tribunal, industrial site decontamination, Switzerland

  • Tribunal Appointed Expert: Rock wool production plant, Industrial Arbitral Tribunal, ICC,  Kazakhstan / Germany

Tel: +41 21 695 24 40
Fax: +41 21 695 24 44​


25, Rue du Centre 
1025 St-Sulpice  / Lausanne

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